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Dots Are

Award winning poster visualizing dyslexia among the visually impaired


Typoday 2019 (Poster Competition)



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Graphic Design


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Typoday is an annual international event that brings together designers in all stages of their careers (students, professionals, and academicians) to celebrate and discuss typography and its many facets. It comprises of workshops and seminars, as well as exhibitions and presentations relating to each years' themes. Typoday also includes a logo and poster design competition.​​​​​​​Every year, Typoday opens up a global competition for typographical posters, that follows a theme and brief. 25 winners are chosen each year, and they are entitled to free participation in the three days of the event. In addition to this, they will have their work published and exhibited at the event.The focus for Typoday 2019 was 'Experimental Typography'. The poster brief was to represent The Dance of Typography​​​​​​​.

" I came across an article in the Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness which discusses dyslexia among the visually impaired. Even though I knew dyslexia was a reading and learning disability, it had never occurred to me that visually impaired people who read braille could be dyslexic. A film titled "Taare Zameen Par" starred a young boy who was sent to boarding school as punishment because his parents thought his poor academic performance was due to a lack of seriousness and only later understood that their son is dyslexic. In the film, the boy says “The Letters Are Dancing”. This is in connection to the fact that dyslexic people being unable to decode the ‘image’ of what is written since reading is accomplished by taking a phonemic 'image', whether by sight or by touch, and sending it to the brain for decoding. Hence to a braille reader, the dots may feel like they’re dancing. "